I have struggled with weight all of my life. But I am a female, and I grew up in the 1990s, and played a lot of sports. Who did you picture in your head? A big girl, who you thought, probably played goalie on her team sports. Or, you thought a girl with anorexia, bulimia […]

One of Those Days

I want to crawl back in bed, and pretend like word doesn’t exist. I’m dreaming about college and how you could just ‘take a personal day.’ I’m exhausted. But I really need to go on a good run that gets ya going. I think my job is really boring. I can’t stop thinking about you […]

The Moment

I don’t know when it will be, but I think in a few months you’ll ask me “when did you know?”  And I’ll say… I knew when you showed up at the bar, the very first night, after I ditched our first date. I knew when you said I threw up on you, and you […]

Then you walk r…

Then you walk right through the doorway You tell me you’re here to stay The worst is gone and by God I love If you’d been here this way And I only just learned how to stand like a man I’ve got 25 years of running instead How could I see the ground at my […]

I never knew.

I think I’ve known you my whole life but maybe I just met you yesterday.  Touch me, touch me, touch me.  How have I never, ever felt like this before?  Did my ex’s feel like this or was I also only this shadow of an experience?  Sorry every ex-boyfriend I’ve ever had, you were only […]

Why We Can’t Be Friends

The September night was almost beginning to feel cool, and we were riding in your brand new car. I was quietly staring out the window, remembering all the ways I wasn’t in love with you, but so desperately wanted to be. You were mad at me. Finally, you spit out “Do you even want to be […]

A Poem

I used to be good at this. I’d open a blank sheet of paper and my thoughts would tumble onto the page, into neat little stanzas. I used to be depressed. My sadness would dig into my brain and pull out similes, metaphors and amazing alliterations. I used to think about death. All of the […]